Israeli occupation of Guyana started under PPP & Jagdeo continues with Granger

one of the most shameful things Jagan & his PPP did in the name of Guyanese
and the list of shameless things is endless
but for me one of the most is they established a Guyana consulate in occupied jerusalem
and this from the PPP that masquerades as some vanguard, working class, so-called communist quasi socialist party.

HONORARY CONSUL Mr. Shoshany Meraiot
ADDRESS Jerusalem 91400
POSTAL PO Box 40052
PHONE LOCAL: (09) 894.1853
INTERNATIONAL: +972.9.894.1853
FAX LOCAL: (03) 546.6408
INTERNATIONAL: +972.3.546.6408

now i’ve tried, in the name of freedom of information, to establish the status of this shameful deed to no avail under our new government

President Granger is an intelligent man and a historian and i would hate to believe he was instructed and/or guided to insert all that tell-tale zionist drivel about Guyana rejects the use of non-peaceful means to resolve differences, as he welcomed the new israeli ambassador Mordehai Amibai-Bivas to Guyana.

There was nothing peaceful about 1763, 1823, 1838, 1966 or 2015 to pick some random years in our own history. so who are we to tell the Palestinian people, who have been under israeli occupation for six decades, how to plot their long march to freedom?

Nelson Mandela understood it and so too must David Granger and all those who aspire to lead this country.

We identify with the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] because just like ourselves, they are fighting for the right of self-determination.

President Granger made the same mistake, in my view, when he said the following last October at Independence arch : we continue to share common interests, goals and aspirations. These include the reduction of poverty, opposition to all forms of terrorism

the occasion was the accreditation of non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Guyana Dominicus Supratikto. Bandung 1955 aside, if Mr. Granger was properly advised he would’ve never given that speech. and worst yet he would’ve never ended with this:

Please convey to your President, His Excellency Joko Widodo, our sincere appreciation for his warm greetings and kind sentiments along with my best wishes for his personal wellbeing and for the continued progress and prosperity of the people of Indonesia.

Joko Widodo is continuing a relentless genocide against the AFRICAN people of west papua. there is an informative video here. there are plenty reading materials available on and offline. The Biak Massacre Citizen’s Tribunal is also available online for free and documents Indonesian genocide in west papua. Indonesian military, formerly led by Widodo has a long history or raping pauan woman and girls. etc etc etc and the leader of the west papua independence movement Benny Wenda was in Guyana in November, 2012.

so President Granger made two great blunders accrediting ambassadors from israel and indonesia
it is my hope that these are not repeated. his advisers need to do their homework.

after meeting granger and other government officials Mordehai Amibai-Bivas trotted on over to church street to meet one of israel’s most loyal zionists, yes that’s bharrat jagdeo. the same jagdeo who gave an israeli firm 200 acres of land to occupy at dora on the linden soesdyke highway for farming. 

shit like this more than pisses me off since i applied since 2007 for some land to set up an organic farm on that same soesdyke highway and was denied the privilege. i was told 5 acres was my upper limit & paid 20 odd thousand dollars to guyana lands and survey commission for nothing.

two israeli ran firms that i know of, under the guise of Agriculture Development Partnerships and boost[ing] Guyana’s production potential have quietly set up their own settlements right here. and later i’ll deal with the aggressive posture and attempts to destroy local producers with a full dose of GMOs and chemically intensive modern agricultural practices.

we’re not even clear on the full implications of the gmo farm operating up the berbice river and here we go rushing along into more questionable alliances that will come back to haunt.

as a side bar
one of my original questions for the ministry of the presidency all of which still remains unanswered was will the apnu/afc govt still maintain an embassy in occupied jerusalem?

if we’re not careful in Guyana, we could soon be navigating chinese, indians, brasillians & zionists in our own occupied territories and we’ll have no one else to blame in this jubilee 50th year of celebrations

is that what this independence thing is all about?
living in a country you do not own?

there’s freedom and then there is freedumb
become acquainted with the difference

run tell dat


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