the story behind the photo – are you you ?

am not going to make the mark jacobs is not a journalist and/or photographer point any longer
but this is one of my most loved photograph and i didnt realise that til long after i’d taken it and was looking at it on the computer
i was wandering the streets of south beach, florida checking out some architecture copied from guyana
i did say, the story behind…
ended up on a balcony overlooking the city and scanning the scenery
and eyes stopped on a mcdonalds outlet with some architectural style
and was actually horrified and shocked to see a mcdonalds of all places with such style
the lady came running but interrupting my gaze

she stopped across the street and pulled out her phone and started texting for quite sometime and reading
i’d noticed the mural of the guy reading and are you you separately
but at the time of this foto i wasnt consciously aware of what that meant or could mean
i was more interested in the lady reading and the guy on the wall with the book in front of him
initially i zoomed in and removed the are you you then zoomed back out and took another shot
as soon as i did she took off running again
a full week might have passed before i looked at it again
and it remains a haunting philosophical inquiry
who am i?
are you you?
ask the question

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