a guyanese woman speaks her mind

a man walks into enemy territory
a group of women seated by themselves talking
he’s on a suicide mission
i don’t hear what he says
but i know he said some crazy shit
one of the woman sizes him up
the others offer moral support in numbers
eh eh! wait. i nevuh use to watch you when you wuz young. wuh mek yuh t’ink i watchin’ yuh now? look yeh, ATAAAAALLLL.
ole boy beats a hasty retreat across the divide
tail between legs
he utters not a word in defence

his mate down the line is holding court
see me? see me? i is a loyal man to my wife. none woman hay could seh i do or me an dem do nuttin’ but when i pickin meh fares, well that’s another matter. right baby?
she nods and smiles and then reminds him
yuh see dis land paper i got hey? it deh in me name. play yuh schupit. play yuh head ain good
she turns to her friend
is thirteen years thru de storms wid he yuh know. de weddin in may
thirteen years?
yes. thirteen years
well thirteen years is joke. i been thru de storms twenty one years
well if you t’ink thirteen ain nuttin duh is you but i know he. i been thru de storms


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