Dear America, please hurry up & make Donald trump your president 

You guys had George Bush why not give Donald a shot too? Hurry up and make it happen. He doesn’t like half breeds! 

He’s right in line with his German ancestor adolph. Vote for Trump America.  

4 responses to “Dear America, please hurry up & make Donald trump your president ”

  1. Attention Mark Jacobs, Who gives a flying flip on what Donald Trump likes or dislikes? I’m glad that he isn’t the owner of Miss Universe Pageant because he is as Dumb as anyone can come. Ummm like you I reckon. So, why don’t you and him go play in traffic all while millions of 18 wheelers coming towards your dumb tail selves. You stupid conta! Don’t ever come for anyone in my family as long as you live because I will be all on you like white on Rice

    1. No one is coming for you. Looks like you’ll be lonely for a bit longer
      Try anger management

  2. […] trump just cobbled all the pieces together and galvanised the fringe into a lynch mo remember ariana miyamoto? he’s been mad a long time and displaying it just like a good american😉 sit back and watch […]

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