west papua reading materials #merdeka

west papua - an act of free choiceAn Act of Free Choice – Decolonisation and the Right to Self-Determination in West Papua
(Pieter Drooglever, 2009)

This important study introduces the history and people of West Papua, tracing the origins of the international conflict surrounding their struggle for self-determination following the Second World War. Based on three decades of exhaustive research and focusing particular attention on the sham referendum of 1969 – which Indonesia dubbed “The Act of Free Choice’, an election rigged to legitimize Indonesian control over West Papua – Drooglever highlights the continuing impact of this injustice.
Available to buy through Amazon 

The United Nations and the Indonesian Takeover of West Papua

(John Saltford, 2002)
Definitive text on the ‘Act of Free Choice’ and the takeover of West Papua.
PDF available here

West Papua: The Obliteration of a People
(Carmel Budiardjo and Liem Soei Liong, Tapol, 1988)
Well researched book detailing the genocide of the Papuan people.
Available from Tapol

 Poisoned Arrows
(George Monbiot, 1989/2003)
An investigative journey through the forbidden lands of West Papua. At great personal risk and with forged travel documents, George Monbiot bluffed, cheated and forced his way into West Papua. Originally published in the 80s, it was republished in 2003 with a new introduction by the author.
Author’s website

 The Open Cage : Ordeal of the Irian Jaya Hostages
(Daniel Start, 1997)
The author’s account of being taken hostage by the OPM in 1995.

 Freedom In Entangled Worlds
(Eben Kirksey, 2012)
Eben Kirksey first went to West Papua in 1998 as an exchange student. His later study of West Papua’s resistance to the Indonesian occupiers and the forces of globalization morphed as he discovered that collaboration, rather than resistance, was the primary strategy of this dynamic social movement. Accompanying indigenous activists to Washington, London, and the offices of the oil giant BP, Kirksey saw the revolutionaries’ knack for getting inside institutions of power and building coalitions with unlikely allies, including many Indonesians.
Blending extensive ethnographic research with indigenous parables, historical accounts, and compelling narratives of his own experiences, he argues that seeking freedom in entangled worlds requires negotiating complex interdependencies.

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  1. The US and United Nations were being manipulated by the Freeport directors (Rockefellers and Robert Lovett) to prevent locals controlling their resources; after Dag Hammarskjold was killed the US got Indonesia to land 1,500 troops in West Papua to undermine Dutch confidence and force the Netherlands to include a Indonesia text in the trusteeship agreement to be given to the United Nations General Assembly for its approval under UN Charter article 85 part 2 (chapter 12). To conceal this from the public, Reuters issued a false news story claiming the UN was selling the people of West Papua (“trading” them) to Indonesia; when the truth is that the UN at request of Indonesia was making itself legally required to “promote” the “self-governance or independence” of West Papua (article 76). West Papua is not part of Indonesia, it is a UN trust territory which is under UN administration that is being provided by Indonesia; all the killing & torture & mining is illegal and violates the UN Charter.
    But that fact has been hidden because people have been willing to believe the 1962 Reuters story claiming the UN was selling a black people to Indonesia.

    1. interesting. more details if you have appreciated.
      will look into this

      1. Which part?
        The Rockefeller’s became involved in 1935 because Shell allowed them (Chevron & Exxon Mobil) to buy 60% of the exploration company (NNGPM), events in early 1959 (cousin John Dulles dying & Dutch search for Ertsberg) forced John Rockefeller to turn to Robert Lovett and their joint mining interest Freeport. The US activity is documented in the public US Dept. of State records, you just need to read it and understand when they are talking about illegal plans. The plan to mis-use the UN trusteeship system as a means to colonize (prevent self-determination) West Papua was first raised in early 1959 in the DoS by a John Henderson working at the US Embassy in Jakarta. It re-surfaced in 1961 after Lovett had told Kennedy who to appoint as his cabinet including Lovett’s family/bonesman friend McGeorge Bundy as the US National Security Adviser to run the NSC, and it was the NSC that campaigned to convince Kennedy to support the plan to prevent self-determination and get Indonesia into West Papua. These notes don’t give details on how the UN International Trusteeship System (UN Charter chapter 12) was meant to be able to do this evil thing instead of protecting the colony; but what did happen is that the Dutch realised the US was lying & working against them instead of being a friend; so the Netherlands was quietly counting votes hoping to be able to get the 2/3 UN General Assembly approval for UN Trusteeship of West Papua; and Dag Hammarskjold had already said his only issue was funding that the UN didn’t have, so if the Netherlands could fund the UN trusteeship there would be no problem. That’s what the Dutch put to the UN General Assembly on 26 Sept 1961; unfortunately somebody had killed Dag Hammaraskjold on 18 Sept 1961.
        Back in April 1961 the Dutch minister Luns had told the US that the Hague would remain confident of resisting Indonesian military threats so long as Indonesia could not succeed in landing 1,500 or more troops. Later in Dec 1961 Indonesian began desperate efforts to land 1,500 troops in West Papua – not enough to be any threat or risk, but was the secret number the Hague had set. Once those troops had landed, the US went to the Dutch and pressed them to re-write their Trusteeship Agreement to include some Indonesian claims, that document is now known as the “New York Agreement”.
        Such an agreement has no powers by itself, but the Charter of the United Nations does; and it is chapter 12 that needs an agreement for the General Assembly to be able to approve under article 85 part 1.
        The reason for all the death & suffering is because the UN Secretary General only did part of his job, he put the ‘New York Agreement’ on the agenda of the General Assembly and even went to the newspapers telling them that the UN members should vote yes, which they did in General Assembly resolution 1752; which fulfills the requirement of article 85 part 1. BUT he did not do the next part of his job of putting that trusteeship matter (res.1752) on the agenda of the Trusteeship Council so that it can begin its work under article 85 part 2 of the Charter.
        Even today people will continue to die in West Papua so long as Ban Ki-moon does not do his job of putting res.1752 on the Trusteeship Council agenda – – an action that would force the UN members to fulfill their obligations under article 85, 87, 88, and 76 of the Charter.

  2. […] genocide against the AFRICAN people of west papua. there is an informative video here. there are plenty reading materials available on and offline. The Biak Massacre Citizen’s Tribunal is also available online for free […]

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