The Negro Assimilationist – Dr. Amos Wilson

like self hatred and self deception, truth cuts deeper than any knife

because you rise to head a national army, it does not mean that you are a part of the power system. if he’d [colin powell] read back into African history and into history in general, he would recognize that he is not the first slave general of an army. many armies have been led by slaves and even armed by slaves. so the idea that you may head an army, that you may be the top general does no way imply that you are not a slave, and that you are not set up to work against the interest of our people.

many arabised Africans fought against other Africans to try to convince them to undertake a foreign ideology and to fall victim to foreign rulers and dominators.
there is not substitute for self sufficiency and for operating under ones own power. but people caught up in fantasy, let their emotional needs for love, their emotional needs for acceptance, their emotional needs to be embraced by their enemies over-ride their common sense. these people as I pointed out in my last lecture neglect their own self development. they do not see the development of their minds, the development of their intellect, the development of their social relations and social organisations and social systems and power. the development of their own institutions as important and key to their liberation.
They see gaining the love and acceptance of their enemies as the key to being liberated from their pain. And therefore they leave themselves in serious states of under development. Their minds atrophy, their social institutions rarely get built or is anemic or fall apart. And they continue to languish in states and stages of dependency.

3 responses to “The Negro Assimilationist – Dr. Amos Wilson”

  1. Kushite Prince Avatar
    Kushite Prince

    I love this video! I have the dvd! Thanks for uploading it!

    1. glad to know. i didn’t upload but continue to enjoy, put to action and share 🙂

  2. […] HIS women. but it gets heavier when some of the lead blood hounds in the pack are self hating negroe assimilationists doing the masters bidding. self hatred runs deep and cuts like a […]

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