Ledis Gombo heroine fighter for the West Papuan people has died

Ledis Gombo

Today we mourn the passing of a true West Papuan heroine and freedom fighter

Ledis Gombo from the AMP (Papuan Student’s Alliance) tragically died today in her home region of Wamena, West Papua.
Ledis was a true heroine of the West Papuan nation, who regularly risked her life to bring freedom for her people.

She joined the AMP at young age and was one of the hundreds of AMP students studying in Java, Indonesia because Indonesia systematically deprives West Papua of adequate education facilities.
Regularly giving the most inspirational speeches at protests, Ledis was known throughout West Papua as an incredibly brave and committed peaceful activist, putting the lives of her people before herself.


Almost exactly one year ago today, on 1st July 2013 Ledis was leading a peaceful protest by the AMP in Bandung Indonesia and spoke of how in West Papua, peaceful protesters are killed just for expressing their rights to freedom.

The Free West Papua Campaign is very sad to learn of the passing of our dear sister and as a people, all Papuans mourn together when another freedom fighter dies.
But in her vision, we will struggle on until we are free.

Today we join in the word’s of one of her family members and activists,: “Today, you go forever, but your fighting spirit and ideology have always been with us to continue to fight to reclaim the nation of West Papua”

Rest in peace and farewell sister Ledis Gombo
You are always with us


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