pope francis and his brazillian killers strike a pose

I had some other fotos I took @ nice restaurant on regent street and another pope in brazil story but that one’s gonna have to wait. francis is not only quite comfortable among child rapists but with other killers too
pope francis and his brazillian killers

BOPE kills and terrorizes afro-brasillians quite frequently in the name of many things
afro brazillains and bope

and here we see BOPE killers posing with white jesus. amen

bope-tropa posing with white jesus

bope logo
bope logo

Brazil: “They come in shooting”: Policing socially excluded communities
This report sets out to show that by failing to address the long-term public security needs of all sectors of Brazilian society, as part of a broad governmental strategy to combat violence, successive governments have allowed for the institutionalization of policing based on human rights violations and corruption. That in itself has contributed to levels of crime and violence while reinforcing and perpetuating patterns of social discrimination and exclusion. The document looks at a history of violence and discrimination; ‘criminalizing poverty’; corruption; massacre in the Baixada Fluminense; judicial failings; fighting for human rights; government policy; and concludes with recommendations.

3 responses to “pope francis and his brazillian killers strike a pose”

  1. Afro-Brazilians?

    1. yes there are over 80 million people who identify as Afro_Brasillians
      Nigeria is the only country in the world with more African people than Brasil

  2. francis is not only quite comfortable among child rapists??? WTF??? Have you see the news about what he doing with the people under the only suspicious about the child abuses? Say whatever you what, but Bergoglio goes to change the Vatican… Are you a drug dealer?

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