indian arrival extraction in guyana

after writing & sharing dis ah get ban from de revolutionary facebook page of de great change agent, pioneer fuh freedom, democracy, transparency, justice, rule of law, etc etc. I speak of  moses nagamootoo

if you don’t know anything about guyana, know this, women are under attack from all sides and on the run. from the highest office. former dictator bharrat jagdeo terrorising and putting out his wife. to the lowest rat. the community police bosshog who beat and strip shellyza ally in ann catherina last week. he did somehow manage to call her a whore as well. imagine that!

tangentially speaking, this is not a who is who of woman beating in guyana but i would be remiss if i didn’t mention a few wife beaters and terrorisers of women. you may or may not have read about them in the papers.

assistant commissioner of police and crime chief seelall persaud

the doctor on the georgetown hospital board who always look like he shirt too small and tie too tight. sham

former minister and current ambassador to brasil. not only famous for fighting with/over women but also has a wife that died MYSTERIOUSLY

the current minister of home affairs clement rohee also had a wife dying mysteriously incident

but back to indian arrival extraction

so it was with great surprise when i saw the headlines this morning in kaieteur today IAC calls for investigation into latest maternal death

THE IAC? the Indian Arrival Committee? no waay. fuh real? well hello! let me read this one.

Indian Arrival Committee hot on the case of Guyana women now ok. not as sexy as balancing the ethnic make up of the armed forces, overbalancing it to the point of tipping over everywhere else or waxing poetic of the glorious discoveries made since 92 but…

paragraph one is one sentence long and IAC basically demanding “an investigation into the maternal death of Chitrawattie Ramjiwan”

paragraph two is another one sentencer

Ramjiwan, a 20-year-old mother from Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice, died while being transported from one public medical facility to another just after giving birth.”

in paragraph 3 IAC, ably assisted by kaieteur news, roll up long sleeve shirtjack and get down to business

“The IAC believes that too many maternal deaths are occurring in public facilities [true] with a high number of the victims being of East Indian extraction. [well hell is low!] The IAC calls on the authorities to launch an immediate investigation into the death of Mrs. Ramjiwan [alone?] and for measures to be implemented for such incidents not to be repeated [on women of East Indian extraction?]

let’s deal with a few facts & mysteries that may or may not be of interest to the IAC mob

  1. the majority population of Guyana is of East Indian extraction so it’s probable that the majority of maternal deaths would be women of East Indian extraction. all things being equal. and if you know anything else about Guyana, you know we’re all about freedom, justice, rule of law and equality under the current band of so-called communist vagabonds
  2. ALL public facilities and especially ALL medical facilities owned by the people of Guyana are run and controlled by MEN of East Indian extraction. they’re usually seen in the VIP section of ALL IAC events and activities across the land of perpetual plentiful for all
  3. the authorities the IAC calling on to investigate this death are for the most part all MEN of East Indian extraction. 
  4. many, many, many women of all extractions died under similar circumstances in hospitals & clinics controlled by men of of East Indian extraction. no IAC demands then so why now?

it’s a mystery who this article slash press release slash rant is really aimed at cause IAC could’ve easily solved and resolved this burning concern of theirs over late night drinks and pillow talk with their of East Indian extraction friends in high places.

the president of the land, head of the Guyana Medical Council, the Minister of Health, his sidekicks, boss hogs at freedumb house, the regional chairmen of 5 & 6 etc etc are all men of East Indian extraction. 

unfortunately for the other women of guyana who’ve died before, during and after child birth at govt clinics and hospitals [and private ones too] not being of East Indian extraction seems to be a major handicap and a curse which they could never leave behind. freedom, justice, rule of law and equality under the current band of so-called communist vagabonds aside

there were cries for investigations into their deaths too from their family friends and supporters. but it’s all a game of deception and smoke. sometimes the authorities of of East Indian extraction even break out the mirrors.

yes we looking into it. yes! mmm hmmm. we wukkin pon it.

nadira charles, inga nieuenkirk, tricia winth, charlene amsterdam, tasya joseph et cetera et cetera et cetera are all dust in the wind with a an asterix and small inscription not of East Indian extraction. the self minted touchables of the IAC made no demands on their behalf.

the good book says those who have eyes, let them see. but it’s the I that blinds them.

this should not surprise you, but it’s worth mentioning that some of these self minted touchables do wear saris and they’re not cross dressers.

oh judgement! hms whityby and hms hesperus have arrived

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