prime minister sam hinds as drama queen

Prime Minister Sam Hinds was invited as a guest speaker at the 25th anniversary celebrations for President’s College. Much to the surprise of all gathered, the PM threw a tantrum not befitting the office he occupies and stormed out the Cultural Centre screaming all the way to the exit.

The right honourable Prime Minister may not admit this, but his presentation was downright insulting to the students, parents, teachers and friends of PC gathered.

The PM was no invited to speak about the greatness of Queens College. For the PM to brow beat us about QC at our celebrations was outrageous. The University of New Brusnwick was the next topic in the Prime Minister’s speech. Could it be that the Prime Minister forgot where he was?

As he rambled, the PM had a bout of parapraxis. It was here he informed all gathered that his government has never seen President’s College as a priority school. I suppose it is here we can say the proverbial train went off the track.

One of our esteemed Mistress of Ceremonies reminded us that one should not cast ones pearls to swine. A point most, it not all in attendance agreed with after suffering through the meandering course of our dear PM.

Unfortunately in Guyana, even the educating of children fall victim to the whims and fancies of paper tigers. Guyana is awash with idiots and functional illiterates and some of our misleaders are busy destroying an institution of higher learning. We will forever wallow in the pits of mediocrity without an educated populace.

Moments after digesting pearls to swines the Prime Minister sprang to his feet and began screaming. At first it was not quite obvious what was going on but then it became clear

‘who is she calling a swine! who is she calling a swine!! this government is the greatest thing that ever happened in the history of human civillisation’ followed by ‘something something something’

as the PM stormed back and forth in the front of the Cultural Centre he waved his program like a mad choir director. after a couple trips back and forth he charged up the aisle, closely followed by his visibly amused bodyguard screaming all the way. as he neared the exits, the auditorium burst into applause. there was joy and trepidation in the applause because all concerned know that there will be blow back. what, when and where we’ll have to wait and see.

the PM mingled in the empty lobby screaming some more before driving off into the dark night.


2 responses to “prime minister sam hinds as drama queen”

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  2. Stick an apple in his mouth n a carving fork in his gluteus maximus……..HE’S DONE…….Oh…..doh forget fe tun off de oven…… insurance expire…..Shhhhhh……mum’s the word.

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