tea with simon bolivar – santa marta colombia

tea with simon bolivar

simon bolivar parque. santa marta colombia departmento del magdalena

Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad de Bolívar y Palacios Blanco – libertador de colombia, ecuador, panama, peru y venezuela

walking through the park one morning going nowhere in particular and this lady was alone with her thoughts having tea with simon
it was an extremely quite moment and there she was gracefully drinking her tea
and what would i have paid to know her thoughts but i did not stop to disturb her

6 responses to “tea with simon bolivar – santa marta colombia”

  1. Nice photo. Thanks for sharing! Seems like a great place to enjoy a cup-a-tea.

    Peace, Light and Love, to you yours. . . . CordieB.

  2. BTW, how did you get your header to say “click, click, enjoy” and not “just anotehr wordpress blog.” Have you been able to put more than one pic on one posting?

  3. Cordie thanks for stopping by
    she was just having a quiet moment one early morning with simon
    tell your friends and have them stop by…i post new pics daily

    to change the ‘just another…’ go to your dashboard and look on the top right for ‘settings’ click on that and you’ll see where you can change that and insert your own thing

  4. Bolivar married while very young, during a trip to Spain. He brought his beautiful bride back with him to Venezuela. She died, probably of some fever. He swore, in her honor, that he would never marry again. He never did. Romantic, no?

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