friends taking a break from work to pose – granada, nicaragua


ok i think i finally got this thing working and it brings joy to my heart and possibly tears to my eyes if i look at it too long. i was up last night til 730am this morn and here i am again 339am and ticking but i think i got it. cause i’ve got all these fotos now and have to do something with them so here goes.
i was walking around the town square one day in granada and the girl on the right was working selling the stuff you see in the basket and she was just fascinated with me and wanted to talk and she just looked at me and you can’t escape her eyes. even when you don’t need it, support young women like. they’re just trying to make things better for themselves. one alternatives for her is prostitution. not a pretty thought but it’s real. some of those perverted tourists with their cash do like them young.
i was takin pics of buildings then just wandering. but what’s fascinating to me was she wanted me to take her photo. she insisted that i take her photo. almost as if she wanted to send a message out to whoever would one day see it. she delicately fixed herself up quickly and posed with her basket in one hand and the necklaces in the other. [i’ll post that one too] so i thanked her and stood there and we’re just looking at each other. but she wasn’t done. she says i want you to take another picture of me and my friend. her friend was standing off to the side and she told her to come stand next to her. but this time she placed her basket down. it’s not huge but for a child it’s a burdensome thing. she sighed and they both smiled and posed. i snapped once and this was the result.
they are very happy girls forced to endure the wretchedness of poverty and they work all day and night. but at least for one moment they paused and were kids again and happy. and they giggled and giggled as little girls do when i showed them the picture.
[sorry i don’t recall their name. saved it on the computer that was damaged. got the photos back but the file names were all mis.matched. if providence is on my side i’ll find it in my notes]


3 responses to “friends taking a break from work to pose – granada, nicaragua”

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  2. Such beautiful little girls. I do pray their innocense is not lost to the sorrows and destruction of poverty. They appear so happy on this day. Thanks for sharing – CordieB.

  3. i hope so too…aren’t they beautiful?

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