Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation

Queen Quet -  Chieftess of the GullahGeechee Nation

foto of poster in Gullah house replica. Houston Ifest 2008


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  1. Abubakarr Kargbo Avatar
    Abubakarr Kargbo

    Big thank to you the Queen quet of the Gullah/Geechee(Cheiftess of the Gullah) for your great work in preserving and maintaining our culture and traditions. Am Abubakarr from Sierra Leone, where I believe 80% of the Gullahs’ people came from.

    my concern here is that I was expecting the name of Sierra Leone and Bance Island to be measured in the historic background of the Gullah/Geechee people of Northern America. According to the history of the plantation in North America, which was mainly rice, most of the skills slave (rice planting slaves) were from the rice coast, which was mainly Sierra Leone and the Gambia and there are still traces of that in the culture, names, tradition and the way of speaking (creol, Krio), is very similair to that of Sierra Leone. so I want to believe that Sierra Leone is very influencial to the Gullah/GeeChee than any other group of people in the world.

    for more clearification on that, check the work of Joseph Opala about the history of the Gullah and then check on the history of one of the most popular slave fort in the rice coast (Bance Islane or now Bunce Island). And also the Amistad revolt one of the greatest slave history.

    Please the Queen Quet we hope that Sierra Leone will be measure by you the next time you speak about the Gullah/GeeChee.

  2. Abubakarr Kargbo tell us more

  3. I was glad to read your post – if you are interested in a great film with Queen Quet, and a lot of other information on the Gullah specific to Southern USA, visit http://binyahfilm.com. The film is called Bin Yah. Of course Queen Quet has a whole bunch of wonderful websites that you should definitely visit as well.
    For more information on Bin Yah: http://binyahfilm.org/about

  4. I resent this hipocrosy of a woman claiming she represents the Gullah/Geechee people because she does not. I am a Gullah/Geechie woman and cannot tell you of nothing Queen Quet has done for the people other than alot of rhetoric. It is a disgrace to the hundreds of thousands of African American people who had anscesters who gave their blood, sweat and tears to prepare and leave a leagacy for which this so called Queen knows nothing about.

    Ask her who are her people and where did they come from and what legacy did they leave to deem her the Queen of 200 to 700,000 people she claims to represent.

  5. Anice sounds like a low blow and a lot of jealousy here….what’s your authority?
    and resend your link

  6. I am a Charleston native, born and bred wth a Mother from Moncks Corner and a Father from Johns Island. I know my history and grew up during the Jim Crow years in Charleston and know first hand the history of the strong hard working African American people in this area. My Maternal Grandfather himself owned approx.300 acres in Moncks Corner and with a 6th grade education had the werewithall to make sure the deed to his land stipulated that it could be sold only to members of his family. My Mother raised 4 children as a single parent and saw to it that we had the best of education and everything she could provide… education, comfortable home, exposure etc. I marched in the civil rights movement when there were bomb threats (heard Dr. King in person) and participated along with many others who fought for the right to live with equal justice in Charleston. I saw many African Americans who owned their own businesses and struggled to keep them and leave them for their children. I can go on and on…so no I have no jealousy to so called Queen Quet…just resent that she is not being honest with her intent…there are too many other Black women who gave to their communities and the world who deserve to be considered the Gullah Queen. I know when Marquetta came to the Charleston/Beaufort area and what she is about and I refuse to allow her to prostitute our history claiming she represents me and all the African Americans I personally know about. Besides my Mother raised me with enough self-ccnfidence and respect to carry myself as a Queen and to know that if anyone is acknowledged as my Queen they surely must have earned the right for me to make a decision to give her the propers and I personally don’t feel that I want to or that she deserves it.

  7. Anice thanks for the additional info
    I think you and Queen Quet need to sit down and work out whatever needs to be worked out privately. have you met and talked? this is the first am hearing of this issue
    i have no idea how she became ‘Queen of the Gullah GeeChee’ I saw her at a festival and took some fotos…thought she did a good job with the performance and history telling etc but am not Gullah GeeChee though I will be coming to Charlestown & Sea Islands soon to see my peoples
    are you saying Queen Quet is not a Gullah?
    by the way you’re posting your website wrong you have http://carolinaculturalconnection(inprogress)/ you need a dot something after the name and you cant have the brackets

  8. mamoud Bankole Avatar
    mamoud Bankole

    I am a Sierra Leonean working with Sierra Leone Gullah Kinship Association workin on sentisizing the whole Sierra Leone about the Gullah connection with Sierra Leone my worry is this connection going to help Sierra Leone because we are sending our money and time sensitizing the people .

  9. Mamoud keep up the good work
    do you have a website?

  10. Dear queen, thank you for assuming this duty, we need you
    your sister from philly halimatu.

  11. vincent hazelton Avatar
    vincent hazelton

    Honestly, i feel as if the people who are really getting shorted are the kids growing up who know nothing about their culture or history. I grew up on Dorchester Rd and never really knew what “Geechee” was other than the way we spoke. My entire family is from Johns Island and Charleston county and i litterally had to educate myself. I think that as youths we are definately missing a link. I never even realized that i spoke differently from other people until i moved to Virginia and other kids would call me a “Jamaican”. I think its really sad that i had to educate myself on my own heritage and i dont hold any one responsible but i do think that we as a people need to do better to educate the children. What good is a culture that cant preserve its own language. I think that every generation that passess forgets more and more and it has become more of a dialect. I feel like a Mexican who cant speak Spanish. Its really embarrassing. Everything that i have learned im trying to pass it on to my younger cousins so that they know who they are and so that they are not afraid to speak naturally at home if not at school. Also, i have been trying to get in contact with people ove rthe internet and i have never recieved a response. I always here about Queen Quet and so forth but when i send emails seeking more information i get no answer…If we really are a nation, what are we doing to educate our children other than concerts? Where is our language? Where is a reliable website to network with other Geechee people? Pretty much where is our COMMUNITY????


    I am a Sierra Leonean working with Sierra Leone Gullah Kinship Association as chairman for the Grassfield community on sentisizing the whole Sierra Leone about the Gullah connection with Sierra Leone. my worry too is how this connection going to help Sierra Leone because we are sending our money and time sensitizing the people . We hope that it will become a reality with Allah’s guidance and blessing that will bear good fruits to benefit the whole nation and its people.

  13. Peace All!

    It is very interesting to find this site when I was actually looking for information on the work of many of the people that I continue to work with in Sierra Leone. I especially find the lies that are stated here by Ms. Carr very interesting. If you check even the websites of the United Nations, the US Department of State, and the SC General Assembly, they all have documented the work that I have done. The global media documented my enstoolment which took place at Sullivan’s Island, SC as well. So, the advice that has been provided by some of those that posted here, would be the best way for anyone that has any questions of me to proceed-speak to me. However, my track record does speak for itself.

    Currently, I am a US Commissioner for the Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor. This came after my enstoolment took place. The Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition that I founded existed prior to any of that. Through it, I have worked on a great deal of accurate research concerning my people and even our REAL connections to Sierra Leone which are vast, but not 80 percent of us came from there or through Bunce (Bance) Island.

    I greatly appreciate Brother Kamara for including this here. I look forward to you writing to me directly.

    I also pray for people that are so bitter that they take time to try to change things that God has ordained to be the case. I hold my position because I was voted into this position and publicly enstooled. If the Gullah/Geechees that participated in their right to self-determination did not want that done, they could have also come out in protest. They did not. So, I need not waste anymore time of the God that has blessed me with in regard to inaccuracy. I simply say to Brother Kamara and those that support his site, go out and seek the facts on me instead of someone opinion. As a man of God as you have expressed here, I am sure you know how to seek and find TRUTH.

    I am familiar with the work of the association that you are with. I simply pray that it will work toward TRUTH with the people of the Gullah/Geechee Nation.

    Queen Quet
    Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation

  14. thanks for your comments Queen Quet
    i hope this is all sorted out amicably
    this site is here to sharea my fotos but i must say that the comments that have cropped up are interesting to say the least

  15. To Mr. Hazelton:

    What e-mail address have you been using? You must not have the correct one, please e-mail GullGeeCo@aol.com for the information that you are seeking. We get over 1000 e-mails each week and all of them are answered. We also connect people to resources that are closest to them. So, I look to hear from you.

    Also, continue to carry on Brother Kamara. I appreciate your reply and your work.

    Queen Quet
    Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation

  16. Elder Lesa Wineglass-Smalls Avatar
    Elder Lesa Wineglass-Smalls

    Greetings, I am Elder Lesa Wineglass-Smalls, Parliamentarian and Elder on the Gullah/Geechee Wisdom Circle of Elders representing the Charleston area. As Queen Quet stated, she was enstooled. Petitions were circulated throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida – selecting her to become the first official spokesperson and Queen Mother, the “Head on the Body”, if you will, of “The Gullah/Geechee Nation”. There was extensive media coverage about this historic event. I am saddened that someone would choose to tear down our efforts of moving forward as a people of self-determination; moving forward to promote, preserve and protect our Gullah/Geechee culture.

  17. Charles M Lloyd Avatar
    Charles M Lloyd

    I have been working in West Africa for more than a year and a half, Guinea. A few months ago I came to Freetown Sierra Leone and found that this is the country that I should have started working. I produce both ETHANOL AND BI-DIESEL fuesl as we as teach jewelry making and english. My organization have been bring medical supplies to both Guinea and Sierra Leone. We are now trying to get donations of medical supplies, farm equipment, constrution equipment, and school supplies(computers).
    We are trying to get an container or two to ship goods that are donated. We have formed 3 Divisions of the UNIA-ACL, Freetown 467, Kenema 468, Bo 469.

    These divisions will help with the projects that we have undertaken and the distribution of donated goods. We, The UNIA-ACL and myself are dedicated to help create jobs that pay well and address some of the problems here in Sierra Leone and in West Africa in general.

    Please contact me for more information.

    Momodu Jollah, aka Charles M Lloyd

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